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When it comes to the world of sports, I am not the one to know the latest scores, ranks and names of all MVP's, however after going to the Rogers Cup for the first time this past August, I think that has changed. Of course, we all know the household names in Tennis such as the Williams sisters and Maria Sharapova, we've also seen countless tennis matches on TV, however going to watch a game in person is a whole different experience.

What is the Rogers Cup?

The Rogers Cup is one of the last tournaments held before the U.S. Open, the final Grand Slam of the season. Montreal and Toronto share the task of hosting the best men’s and women’s players in the world, with both tournaments played at the same time, during the same week. For Rogers Cup 2018, the women played in Montreal. 

My first Tennis Match...

Before going to the Rogers Cup, I had to browse YouTube videos to find out how the scoring worked, if you don't know much about tennis, than this video is good for starters. 

I bought my 25$ ticket on the Rogers Cup website which offered general admission at the IGA stadium, located next to the metro station, De Castelnau on the blue line. 

Once arrived at the game with full excitement, we stopped by the Zonin kiosk for some prosecco and  headed to our seats. Shortly after, the rain came down pouring as the game was about to start and the event was postponed.

In the case of rain, the match can't continue as the factor of rain will evidently alter the game. So we hoped mother nature would clear up and kept updated with the Rogers Cup app until further notice. Luckily, the rain cleared up after 2 hours and the game was rescheduled on that same day. To my surprise, I had full access to other tennis courts that day since it was "Family Day" at the Rogers Cup.

In between games, you can shop for tennis gear at the many vendors on site or hang out at the many terraces in the IGA stadium. I really enjoyed the Apérol Spritz patio and spent a great amount of time there. 

For my first experience, I definitely learned that tennis etiquette is very refined, there are so many details in the process of this game that make it truly a luxury sport.

For my outfit of the day, I wanted to be comfortable so I wore these pleated trousers which also matched my binoculars, found here on Aliexpress. Binoculars are a must have at at tennis tournament if you are seated high up in the bleachers or you simply want to get a nice close up on the players.

"The male tennis players get more in prize money than the women."

Simona Halep, the women’s winner, received a cheque for $529,480 (U.S). The men’s winner, Rafael Nadal, collected $1,020,425. The total financial commitment for the men’s event was $5,939,970 and that was more than double the $2,820,000 available for the women.

I find it mind boggling that the male tennis players get more in prize money than the women. According to the Montreal Gazette, one of the reasons is that there is more TV money for the men's events. Hence, companies are geared towards supporting the men's tennis division more than the women's.

My Top 3 Fave Tennis Players...

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Who are your favorite female tennis players?

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